Monday is Celeb Day!

Today we will talk about celebrities, especially Hungarian celebrities!

Hello there! As the title said we will show you some celebs today, from Hungary! They have many Tv shows and series like all other country in the world. And they have some annoying celebs in the media… Just like everywhere. Okey but then what we will talk about? Lets talk about hungarian soap operas (you know them from brazilia) like: Éjjel nappal budapest, wich is about the young guys who try to live in the big city LIFE. The other one is Barátok közt, this tv show is more deep then the other one. Its about many people life, work, love and relationships with each other. Some of the are good, and very kind, others has bad soul and they always want some nasty thing with others. You can read more about and search for : who are the Barátok közt szereplők ?

Running all around the World…

We will go out from our confort zone and talk a little bit about something different. What we will talk about is the Running!

RunningRunning is healthy and a very good way to keep your body well. The best part is in this is that you canrelax ( for me its an important thing, i like to relaxing when i running, my mind is going to cleared totally!) But one important thing about running is the shoe! The running shoe you wear. Some said “its not important just go run and do it” yes, i speak the same long time ago. But i tried one Nike Air Max running shoe, and i changed my opinion… They are good and really well fit my feet, the running is really different with this shoes, so dont hesitate, try it!

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Try a simple normal shoe what u usually use for running.


Try an air max and you will feel the difference!

And not only the feeling, your body will thanks for you too!


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